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JM Sports Management realizes that student-athletes enter the sports recruitment process at many different points in time and their objectives may vary. Thus, JM Sports Management will customize a recruitment plan to meet the needs of each individual client regardless of what their entry point is into the process.


First Step  We will have a preliminary conversation with clients to learn more about their unique background, motivations, and overall objectives as they enter the recruitment process. In response, we will provide a general overview for how the recruitment process works and answer any general questions that clients may have about the world of athletic recruitment in secondary schools and colleges.



Athletic Evaluation To complete a sports-specific evaluation, we will start by reviewing a detailed list of each client’s athletic resume, including playing experience, team and personal achievements and other noteworthy honors. Next we will observe each client live in a competitive match, training session, showcase event, or ID camp. When this is not possible, a high-quality video can also be used. Beyond observation, we will reach out to a variety of contacts such as a client’s current or former coaches, opposing coaches, club directors, or athletic directors.



Academic Evaluation To gain a full understanding of each client, we will need to complete a thorough review of each client’s academic profile. The outcome of this review may greatly impact the range of schools a client may be able to consider, as there are many different levels of academic institutions and the criteria for admission to those schools will vary greatly from school to school. In addition, there are standards within the NCAA and other athletic associations that need to be thoroughly examined for eligibility purposes. For this part of the process, we will review all transcripts from previous schools, various standardized test scores, teacher and administrator recommendations, and any other relevant academic information.



Final Step Using the personal information gathered and our knowledge of how the recruitment process works, we will create a preliminary list of schools that encompasses a broad understanding of each client’s academic profile, athletic ability, and any personal considerations that have been highlighted. Then we will share the list with each client, providing feedback from each angle of the process and explain carefully how the list was derived. Working closely with the client, we will refine the list and create a strong working list that is the product of thoughtful consideration, discussion, and evaluations. Using this list and some broad recommendations on the next steps, clients will be well equipped to move forward with the recruitment process.

* The TIER ONE service is designed to be completed between 3-18 months, depending upon the date of the execution of the Agreement. ​However, this process can be expedited for an additional fee.



(Tier One Plus)


Recruitment Plan and Guidance Working with each client, we will develop a realistic timeline and plan based on his or her objectives and starting point in the recruitment process. By providing regular, step-by-step guidance throughout the recruitment process, each client will proceed confidently and with clear direction. Learning how to communicate effectively with coaches and admission officers is an important skill, and we will make sure that each client is well equipped for those important conversations and dialogues, especially as it relates to the various rules and regulations of the governing bodies like the NCAA or other athletic associations. Beyond that, we will provide advice and assistance in understanding the various types of feedback and messaging that coaches provide during the recruitment process. In addition, we will provide guidance and recommendations for clients as they consider ways to increase their development and exposure through such pathways as ID camps, showcases, personal trainers, and other skill or recruitment-related events and services.



Advocacy Most importantly, we will provide steady and thorough advocacy for each client, utilizing our well-established and trustworthy network of coaches and advocates who are experienced and connected to the recruitment process. In such a competitive sports recruitment world, coaches rely upon dependable relationships to help support their recruitment efforts, and we have been fortunate to establish strong relationships with the top college and secondary school programs throughout the USA. Though the individual student-athlete must drive his or her own recruitment process, a well-timed and thoughtful support plan from a reliable and established advocacy group such as JM Sports Management will be sure to help any student-athlete achieve optimal results.

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